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 Meet our 2018 robot, Chester!

 Chester's Design


West Coast Tank Drive which proved to be relatively simple, sub team friendly, and provided good serviceability

Drop center configuration that promised resistibility to pushing and potential for increased mechanical grip

Six plastic traction wheels replaced our original idea to utilize pneumatic wheels, due to the three pound difference

We switched from single-speed gearboxes to
shifting gearboxes due to supply chain bottle necks.




Claw with four four inch compliment wheels, each set powered by a bag motor. Surgical tubing provided passive tensioning to hold the power cube.

Two stage elevator that utilizes a pulley system powered by a 775 pro motor winch assembly. Four roller assemblies that allow smooth movement.

Ramp system made up of two large plates that used car jacks to life other robots. Our ramps were later taken off to redistribute weight to other appendages and sub teams.