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Every year, our mentors and our sponsors look for opportunities for us to have real world experiences in the STEM fields. These field trips allow us to see the applications of STEM that our exciting and inspiring. Here are some of our recent experiences. 


Our generous sponsor, OnStar, has hosted us in their one of their command centers. We were able to view the map that they use to track vehicles in real time, sending assistance and directions as needed. We learned about the programming and engineering involved in creating this complex system which so many vehicle owners rely on. 

Beaumont Hospital Surgical Learning Center

Historically, We have made regular visits to the Surgical Learning Center at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan. There we learned how simulator men, women and babies are used to train medical professionals. There is am amazing amount of technology and programming required to make the simulator mimc a real life situation. We also got to try out some of the simulators for knee surgery and for learning how to intubate airways.

Other Field Trips

Microsoft -  We visited their local headquarters in Southfield to learn more about programming.

Acme Manufacturing Company - We learned how they take robotic arms and restructure and reprogram them to perform a variety of tasks 

Diversified Tooling - Diversified Tooling is one of our sponsors. They hosted us at their headquarters to learn how they use CAD (computer aided design) and construct their tools.