Our Robot

 Meet our 2022 robot!

 Our Robot's Design


Our drivetrain is a six wheel tank drive configuration that utilizes a West Coast Drive architecture and is powered by four NEO motors (two on each side). The drivetrain has a 1/16” drop center to aid with turning.





Our intake utilizes two inch rubber rollers to intake the cargo from the tarmac. It is actuated in and out by pneumatic cylinders.

To get the Cargo from our intake into our shooter we decided to utilize a two-stage transfer. The first stage is a passive ramp that rolls the Cargo down into a feed wheel. The second stage is two feed wheels on either side of the Cargo that push the Cargo into a ramp and up into the shooter. These feed wheels spin opposite of each other which was accomplished by using gears to switch the rotation and belts to power the second feed wheel indirectly.

To maximize our scoring range we decided to attach our shooter to a lazy susan with a +180 to -180 degree of rotation. This would allow us to shoot without spending time lining up our drivetrain to the Central Hub.