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FLL (FIRST Lego League)

FRC team 573 has recruited students from St. Regis to create a FLL team. We are happy to mentor the FLL team 5845- the Robo raiders. We provide three mentors for this team. These mentors help build mission tables. They love to help mentor the kids while they learn about robotics.

FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge)

FRC Team 573 started FTC team 9028 in 2014, and continue to mentor them today. In their rookie year, they went to the state championship! We have four high school mentors and two adult mentors. We guide them to build their own robot and compete in competitions. It is a great experience for both the kids and the mentors.

Other STEM Outreach

We continue our outreach by helping at different STEM events. These events balance our community outreach with opportunities to spread the message of FIRST. Two years ago, we hosted our own FLL event, Mech Warrior Mayhem. Last year, we helped to host the FLL Jr. Expo at St. William School & we hosted an OCCRA event for 20 high school teams. In December, we hosted an FTC league meet. We annually participate in many activities. We teach coding at the Detroit Maker Faire to people of all ages, & we volunteer at the Cranbrook Institute of Science Halloween Science event, helping kids with various STEM-based activities.

FRC Outreach

We frequently volunteer at FRC competitions, from helping to set up & take down fields, to providing a mobile machine shop for teams, to having a squad to help teams struggling to get through inspection. Beyond helping at competitions, we provide materials & tools to other teams, like to the Lincoln Park team & the Holly team their rookie years. Last year, we provided mentor guidance, tools, & a chassis to the St. Catherine team, & hosted the Mercy team when they wanted to learn about our computerized scouting. We have organized scouting at competitions with rookie or smaller teams, & have shared our scouting app for their other competitions. Most recently, we have had the opportunity to talk to a STEM group in Mexico that is interested in participating in FIRST. We offered guidance, and plan to continue discussions with them so that they may have an FRC team for 2021. Last year, we helped our longtime friends from Chile, the Chilean Heart, when they qualified for worlds.