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Coach Lisa Savage

Coach Lisa Savage has been involved with FIRST for 16 years (3 of those as a student on the team, 9 of those as the lead mentor for 2 other teams, and 4 of those as the lead mentor for our team). She is currently a lead systems engineer at Continental Automotive working on radar systems that enable highly automated driving. Coach Lisa was part of the first co-ed Mech Warriors team.

Mr. Eric Savage

Mr. Savage is a mechanical engineering with Roush Industries. He was a student on an FRC team for 4 years in high school, and has mentored FRC teams since 2009. He mentors all aspects of the robot build as well as teaching us how to CAD in Solidworks. He works on jet engines for his job and he designed a ride at Disney World.

Mr. Ben Antinossi

Ben Antinossi is one of our mentors who got involved and never left when his son, Marc, became heavily involved as a student in the program. Ben has been mentoring the Mech Warriors full time since 2010 and has been an asset in the manufacturing camp of our program. He is currently retired from General Motors where he worked in Skilled Trades. Ben is also a reserve police officer for the city of Dearborn Heights and has a builder's license.

Mr. Marc Antinossi

Marc Antinossi was a student on FRC Team 573 from 2007-2011. He stayed involved with FIRST by volunteering at multiple district events as a referee while attending Michigan Technological University. 2016 marks his first year with the team as a mentor where Marc assists with appendage design and robot manufacturing. Marc currently works at Ford Motor Company as a product planner and is part of the Ford College Graduate (FCG) program.

Mr. Robert Schwabel

Mr. Schwabel is another parent who became a mentor when his daughter, Laura Schwabel '12, was on the team. He started with us as a mentor in 2011 and has never been able to get away. We need him too much to help with our electrical board and programming! He recently retired from General Motors where he worked as an electrical engineer. 

Mr. Troy Hawkins

Mr. Troy Hawkins '06 was a member of Team 573 as a student. He has been mentoring the Mech Warriors since 2011. He is a automatic transmission calibration engineer at Ford Motor Company.

Mrs. Amanda McGrath

Mrs. Amanda McGrath is our business mentor. She got involved in our team this past year after the FTC season. Our students led by Lisa Savage and Eric Savage are mentors for the FTC team 9028, where Mrs. McGrath's two sons participated. She helps our business sub team with planning, essays, sponsors, videos, recruiting event, and anything in between.

Mr. Jeff Weitzel

Mr. Jeff Weitzel was a new mentor on our team for the 2018 FRC season. He worked with our mechanical appendage sub team throughout the season helping with design, CAD, manufacturing and testing of our appendages.

Mrs. Konee Rofick

Mrs. Konee Rofick is one of our business and electrical mentors. This is her first year with the team.  She got involved after her son's participation last year.  Mrs. Rofick is an Electrical Systems Cost Engineer with FCA.

Mr. Dan Foresi

Mr. Dan Foresi is a new mentor on our team for the 2019 FRC season. He works at Ford and he works with our mechanical drivetrain sub team throughout the season helping with design, CAD, manufacturing, and testing.

Mr. Joseph Plomin

Mr. Joseph Plomin is a new mentor on our team for the 2019 FRC season. He joined the team as a student during 2009-2012. He works as a diesel mechanic. He is a mentor for our mechanical teams and helps with machining and building.