We have six sub teams on our team. Each sub-team specializes in a certain aspect of robotics. Together we are able to build, move, and present the robot.

The sub-teams include systems, mechanical drivetrain, mechanical appendage, programming, business, and electrical.

On business the students work to prepare the presentation and information for the judges, create giveaways, write essays, get sponsorships, create a poster, and send out team news. Electrical is the sub-team that builds the electrical box and works on creating systems of wires to distribute power to all of the motors on the robot, as well as controlling their function. Systems is responsible for integration of other subteams, along with pneumatics. Mechanical Drivetrain deals with the structure of the robot, specifically the chassis, the wheels, and the transmissions. Mechanical Appendage deals with the mechanical assemblies that manipulate the game pieces. Programming is the group that that writes the code that allows the robot to physically function and perform its required tasks.